DMCA Policy

apkpic, a platform that offers free downloads of mobile games, strives to provide convenient and speedy services to mobile game enthusiasts. It’s important to note that all resources available on apkpic are either submitted by developers or provided by users. apkpic serves solely as a storage space provider, and the ownership of the content belongs to the uploader. Please ensure that downloaded content is deleted within 24 hours and is not used for commercial purposes. However, it’s essential to understand that apkpic does not bear any legal responsibility for the legality of the content posted and uploaded by users, nor does it assume any liabilities towards third parties resulting from such content.

When it comes to the games and software submitted by developers on our platform, the copyright belongs to the developer company. apkpic , in this context, acts as a distributor of their content on the platform. Any legal and financial responsibilities arising from copyright-related issues pertaining to apkpic’ content rest solely with the developer.

All websites linked to apkpic, along with their respective content and copyrights, are the responsibility of the providers and owners of those websites. apkpic does not assume any direct or indirect commercial or legal responsibility for the content, format, or quality of linked websites.

apkpic is fully compliant with the federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and responds to notices of alleged copyright infringement in accordance with the DMCA and other applicable laws.

If you believe that content provided by apkpic may infringe upon your legal rights, we kindly ask you to submit materials related to the alleged infringement. These materials should include the following details:

  1. Copyright certification materials for the infringed copyright work.
  2. Relevant information about the copyright owner or company.
  3. An email address to receive notifications regarding the processing results, making it easier for apkpic to contact you.
  4. The official link where the copyrighted work, claimed to be infringed, is published, as well as the corresponding links to the alleged infringed copyrighted works on apkpic.

You should also include a statement indicating that the complaining party has a good faith belief that the material’s use, as complained about, is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law. Additionally, confirm that the information provided is accurate and, under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the allegedly infringing exclusive right. It’s important to note that, under Section 512(f), misrepresentation of infringing material or activity may result in liability for damages.

You can submit the necessary information regarding infringing materials on this page or send it to our feedback email: [email protected]. apkpic will promptly review and address your concerns.

Upon confirmation of infringing materials, apkpic will take immediate measures, such as removing the content and ceasing its release. If the materials provided do not substantiate the content’s attribution, apkpic will not take relevant measures. If you have objections to the processing results, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We are here to assist you.